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Advanced Management

Online Expense Management

Manage fuel cards with Velocity

With DCI you’ll have unlimited access to the online account management tool Velocity. It allows you to quickly and easily manage fuel cards and provides a wealth of information that makes keeping on top of fuel expenditure simple and efficient.

Velocity allows you to:

  • Manage multiple fuel cards
  • Monitor fuel expenditure by card or by vehicle
  • Cancel lost or stolen cards quickly and easily
  • Create transaction reports to analyse fuel spend at a glance or in detail
  • Analyse fuel efficiency through bespoke reporting

Straightforward Invoicing

invoice-iconWith Velocity all transactions are listed on one, single invoice. This means no more sifting through fuel receipts and instead a simplified admin process.

Our invoices are also approved as a method of VAT reclaim, which means you’ll be able to reclaim the full amount of VAT on fuel purchase without issue.

Detailed Reporting

reporting-iconWhether you want to see fuel purchases by individual driver, vehicle or card, our detailed online reporting can provide it. Velocity also allows you to download reports in a variety of formats, from summary reports, excel and csv files, to usage graphs for quick analysis.

You can even see transactions by location, with a unique map view for a complete picture of where your drivers are filling up.

Saving Money on Fuel

pump-priceOn top of fuel spend reports, Velocity provides fuel efficiency reports that calculate miles per gallon or kilometres per litre of each of your vehicles allowing you to pinpoint inefficiency, whether that be drivers needing extra training or vehicles requiring maintenance.

With this much information, it’s easier than ever before to monitor fuel use and save money through improved fleet efficiency.

Protecting Against Fraud

padlockUnprotected fuel cards in the wrong hands can cost businesses dearly. However, with Velocity fleet managers needn’t worry. Our cancellation service for lost or stolen cards is 24/7, 365 days a year and can be activated direct from Velocity. This significantly reduces your risk of becoming a victim of fuel theft.

Find fuel stations with e-route

e-routeFinding the right fuel station is easy for your drivers with e-route, which comes as standard with all DCI fuel cards. It can be accessed through desktop, or on tablet and mobile devices when on the move. We also provide SatNav downloads and Smartphone apps so that drivers can access details of the nearest sites while on the move.

The ability to find convenient fuel stations quickly delivers long-term savings through reducing driver deviation, ensuring drivers use the cheapest filling options and increasing efficiency during transit.

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