DCI Telematics

Kinesis AppsKinesis is Diesel Card Ireland’s multi award winning telematics product, providing fleet managers with full visibility of their fleet regardless of location or number of vehicles.

It can be used as a standalone fleet management solution, or in conjunction with fuel card data for an unparalleled picture of fleet fuel spend and vehicle activity. As the first product on the market to fully integrate fuel card data with telematics, it offers the most accurate KM/L reporting available.

DCI Telematics at a glance

  • Multi award winning solution
  • Monitor vehicle and driver behaviour, performance and efficiency
  • Boost driver safety with full fleet visibility
  • Calculate exact KM/L figures for all vehicles in your fleet Velocity account management system
  • Manage both fuel spend and fleet activity online via the market leading Velocity account management system
  • Increase productivity with enhanced route planning and journey data
  • Identify areas of inefficiency and tackle these with driver training


kinesis-reporting-iconKinesis is integrated with the DCI fuel card to give you more accurate data, this is managed through our leading online management system Velocity. To find out how Kinesis can make fleet management a faster and simpler process click here.


kinesis-pricing-iconKinesis offers one of the most cost effective telematics solutions available on the market.

Complete Journey History

kinesis-tracking-iconJourney History allows you to choose any combination of vehicles and review the journeys they have made over a select period of time. You can view a summary table, look at every journey in detail or run individual reports.

Driver Performance

kinesis-driver-iconThe device measures four separate driving criteria: Speeding, Harsh Acceleration, Harsh Braking and Idling. For every journey the driver receives an individual score against each of these four factors, which is then amalgamated into an overall driver score.



kinesis-install-iconInstallation is quick and straightforward using a monitoring device connected to your vehicle. Followed by a few simple steps to link it into your personal Velocity account, you’re then ready to start reaping the benefits.

Fuel Card Integration

kinesis-fuel-iconKinesis is the first product on the market to fully integrate fuel card data with telematics, providing a clear picture of your fleet’s fuel spend and vehicle activity in one streamlined solution.

By joining fuel card transaction data with the actual mileage driven, Kinesis can quickly provide an accurate KM/L reading to show real time fuel efficiency with no need for additional data imports.

The winning formula for fleet performance

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