DCI One Rev

DCI One Rev

Fully charge your transition to electric vehicles

We have introduced a full range of electric vehicle charging products to help you and your business. Compatible with all types of electrical vehicle, our charge points work with a standard single or three-phase electrical supply and have a rapid charging capacity of up to 22kWh.

The Network

  • The only EV card that offers car wash, EV charging, petrol and diesel. An ideal solution for mixed fleets, pure EV’s and plug-in hybrids
  • Access to over 1,000 EV charging points and 1,700+ fuel stations across the island of Ireland
  • DCI One Rev charge points: ESB, IONITY and ChargePoint


  • Get the best market price for charge cards and charge points
  • Spread the cost of your charge points over a 36-month period with our pay-as-you-go plan
  • Customers are charged excellent rates for either electricity or the fuel they use. We charge a flat rate per charge regardless of KWH used


  • Fuel cards are the most secure option for buying business fuel
  • You can set up the Velocity account management portal to flag suspicious purchases, such as very large amounts or frequent purchases on the same card


  • Cut down admin time - relying on driver receipts becomes a thing of the past
  • E-billing and direct debit payments make fuel purchasing easy
  • Get a consolidated, VAT compliant invoice


  • Use the Velocity account management portal, with invoices online
  • Get a complete picture of where your drivers are filling up with transaction reports grouped by driver, vehicle, or location
  • Manage multiple cards with different purchasing permissions for each one

Map Options

  • Finding the nearest station to fill up is always quick and simple
  • Unlimited free access to our Radius EV station locator
  • Desktop and phone app downloads mean Radius EV is always with you